Do You Miss Hand Written Cards & Letters?

Do you remember what it was like to get a handwritten letter / card? Did you love opening mail that you had to hold in your hand to open... mail that you had to pull out of an envelope, and unfold to read it's contents? Do you miss Real Mail?... Letters from friends and family that seem to have been replaced with emails, text messages, and Tweets? If you find that today's fast paced lifestyle has left you without time to sit down with a pen, paper, stationary, and a roll of postage stamps, don't despair. We are now pleased to provide an fun, easy handwritten letter service. Here is how it works: You type your message, much like an email (up to 200 words), and we prepare a neatly handwritten (and hand addressed) letter, which we mail to your desired recipient in 24 hours or less. Your happy friend or family member will have a real hand-written letter / card in their hands with your thoughts carefully written on it.